The feminine is incredibly strong and connective, like the force that both gives and holds life together. In traditional cultures there are regular cycles when women come together with elder women to become reoriented, refocused, and renewed. The Ukalai women’s gathering is a coming together for this purpose – to fold oneself back into the whole and reconnect to the capacity of the feminine. Our “women’s business” is to stand firmly, in the very midst of our troubled culture, and bring forth the true gifts of the feminine to our partners and children, our communities and our world in this time of tremendous global change.

The Ukalai gatherings are cyclical offerings for women that build on the work that is being offered at women’s fires, and are open to all women whether or not you attend women’s fires. They are a core element in Life Cycle Living, where we learn the importance of living fully through each stage of life.

Join us in discovering “women’s business”. Play your part in bringing balance in these transformative times. UKALAI.

“I feel as if now I have a deep core strength and courage to draw upon that manifests in the feminine which has always been there, I just didn’t know it. I appreciate what it means to be a woman more and am able to see this in others also: our beauty, generosity, gentleness, courage, communicative abilities, creativity and more… I appreciate men more and the masculine as it plays out in my two young sons as they grow. Am now seeking out the counsel of women more in my life… I am so grateful to have been able to participate in this experience and have spoken of it to several female friends since.”  — Zoe Roberts, Perth, Australia

Upcoming Ukalai Gatherings

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Photo Credit: Sherry Boatright