Sacred Fire Community Reunions like this one are open to everyone. Invite your friends to the fun and discovery of deep community.

***Book now: Dance with us to the tunes of Blue Paradox at our 2012 Reunion “Celebrating Deep Community.” Put down your $100 deposit to hold your place for Reunion. The balance will be due one month before the program, on July 10th. Book now.***

“The world is a song, one magnificent song! You are singing to the world and the world is singing back to you. And you are part of this song. These are the notes of the world and they have a deep mystery to them, because in the end the music is playing you.

Dance like your feet are on Fire.”

Blue Paradox is the house dance band for the Sacred Fire Community and the Blue Deer Center. Brought together and named by Grandfather Fire, this playful, diverse, shape-shifting and incredibly talented musical collective serves as musical ambassadors and traveling minstrels, helping to spread the joyful message of the Sacred Fire Community to a wider audience, through music, song, chanting, drumming and ecstatic dance.

Blue Paradox is dedicated to performing at all major events of the Sacred Fire Community and the Blue Deer Center and to recording and releasing CDs of sacred songs and fiery dance music for the Fire Community and beyond. Unlike most bands, where one member’s personal vision (and ego) is the driving force behind the music, Blue Paradox simply remains open to the Divine flow of the present moment and to whatever music wants to come through them, thus dramatically raising levels of energy and joy and fulfilling Grandfather‘s wish to see people “dance like their feet are on fire”!

Ven Danse by Blue Paradox

Here is Blue Paradox at their fiery finest, playing Ven Danse live at the 2008 Sacred Fire Community Reunion outside Asheville NC. This tune is based on an Afro-Haitian dance riff that Tilman and Rob learned in Cuba and expanded into a rocking dance number–the crowd was “dancing like their feet were on fire!”

Blue Paradox is: Scott Sheerin – Flute, sax, keyboards and vocals; Eliot Cowan – Percussion and vocals; Myra Melford – Keyboards, harmonium, melodica, percussion and vocals; Omar Velasco – Guitar, keyboards, percussion and vocals; Rob Norris – Bass, percussion and vocals; Tilman Reitzle – Guitar, percussion and vocals; and Steve Kemble – Drums, percussion and vocals (and whoever else the Gods decree in the moment).


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