…with Gratitude and Connection

By Madeline Merritt

By now, many of you are familiar with The Stand, the Sacred Fire Community’s call for all people to declare their intention to re-establish right relationship with the living world around them. Many of you have looked into your hearts and decided that you do align with this declaration: that you want to move in the world holding this prayer for community, meaning, and purpose in your lives.

This year is earth-shifting. Many of us can feel it… Suddenly, relationships around us are fluctuating, and we are able to move with more integrity and honor the voice of truth inside ourselves. Old barriers that we used like dams against our feelings and emotions are breaking down, and the floodgates of love and acceptance have opened. Maybe we are feeling sorrow or need for deep revolutionary change, but these needs are calling us sweetly, home. In this transitional year, I am reminded of a quote from a native elder, “We are now reminded to be aware of our place upon the Earth and to fulfill our obligations to ourselves, our families, nations, the natural world and to the Creator. The words say, we are to Awaken, stand up and be counted, for you are being recognized in the Spirit World.” From Prophecy Song – Joanne Shenandoah

So, how do we invite those we care about to stand with us? I believe a good place to start that conversation is by “coming out” so to speak, as someone who wants to stand for something in this world. When there is so much to worry about, cry over, despair, reject, rebel against, regret, and rage at, what is it in this world that you can stand for? Shift the conversation to the positive. THIS is something that I can believe in; THIS is something I can put my heart behind. And there is no judgment about WHAT we and our loved ones stand for, but it is important in this life to STAND for SOMETHING.

So share your inspiration in a good conversation by the fire or while you are walking through the woods; share your intention with your meditation group, or in an email to old friends, or even through these baffling social networks that weave the electronic spider-webs of our past, present and future. Offer the invitation to stand up, not “joining” any spiritual group, but standing with a group of people that want to declare to the living world that we care, that our hearts say yes to the divine invitation to open up, listen, and re-establish our relationships with our communities and our world.

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And if you haven’t yet, Stand with us.