Dear Sacred Fire Community Firekeepers,

As many of you know, me and hubby, Larry Messerman, have lived in Bend, Oregon for 3 1/2 years. In that time, we have had peaks of interest in the community fires, but mostly valleys. Private and social fires are widespread in Bend’s backyards. It is not uncommon to hear about a large gathering around a fire, especially on the full moon or solstices.

We currently live in a collaborative living space with our home’s designer and builder, who welcomes the fire. Since we began offering community fires in Bend, we have had one dedicated person who has joined us consistently. She often shares how the energy of fire has moved her life forward since her husband’s death.

Our April fire had the largest group we have had with about 20 people! I had forgotten what it was like to sit around a hamlet fire with such a large number. The energy was exhilarating and affirming. Spring brought forth so many people who had shared their long-standing desire to attend the fires. It was as if all our fanning of fire had suddenly exploded it into a wild blaze.  Our one core member was shaken by it.

In May, those who returned shared how deeply they were touched by the fire during the course of their week—how it opened their heart, kept them calm, how they felt supported while making changes in their lives. In June, only seven people gathered (two were new), but their stories of how fire was moving in their lives touched me. It gave me a deep sense of belonging together and being a witness to one another’s lives. I feel full and grateful for the feeling and how it enlivens and supports me to be a Firekeeper.

Jessica De la O
Bend, Oregon, USA Firekeeper

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