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Elders from Across the Globe Will Gather at Ancient Wisdom Rising 2012

In June 2007, after the first Ancient Wisdom Rising (then called Interspiritual Conference), Grandfather Fire was asked why he had called for such a gathering of elders and wisdom-keepers. He responded that in these times when materialism and greed have such a strong hold in the world, it is vital for isolated Spirit-centered communities to come together to support each other so that their united voice can be heard in a clear and compelling way. As Chief Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper for the Onondaga and one of the elders attending that first gathering had reminded the audience, one arrow breaks easily but six bound together are much stronger. For the last five years, this energy of relationship-building has been integral to everything that the Ancient Wisdom Rising team has focused on before, during and after each three-day event.
As we move into our fourth Ancient Wisdom Rising event, we are extremely pleased with the groundwork that is being laid toward an inspiring and healing gathering.  READ MORE.
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Reunion Expressions

Can a simple three-day event made up of dancing, fun, great food and hanging out around the fire change your life? The nearly 170 attendees at our recent Reunion will tell you it can. These five folks share their expressions of how Reunion warmed them up, connected them up, and rekindled the fire of Heart in their lives.

RE-union is the Remedy

By Julie Permut

Julie Permut imageI was invited to REunion by my dear friend Chris. I had heard him speak with great reverence and love about the Sacred Fire Community, and I could feel through him that it was very special. So I followed the inspiration of my heart, and accepted the invitation. I am very glad that I did. READ MORE.

Something inside told me, this is the way I want to live
By Ricardo Sanchez

Ricardo Sanchez imageIt was my first time with the Community and hopefully not the last. I found it very special, eventful, needed. I did not expect much probably since I was new to it, but wow the experience brought me to something I had not felt much since I was a young boy. I felt alive. READ MORE.

There is a sense of commitment to seeing things through

By Rachel Shea

Rachel Shea imageI was harried at work, and had to leave the library early to get to the Reunion. And still I was late.

When I first arrived, I was struck that I suddenly felt sad. I hadn’t been able to convince my children or anyone else from outside of the community to come with me. READ MORE.
By Jackie Hawken
Jackie Hawken ImageCome to the fire, he said.
But she was afraid.
Come to the fire, he said.
So she flew and joined her tribe.
She did not feel worthy.
Her heart was closed.
She lived in fear and grief,

Carrying on her face



Reunion 2012

By Pip Waller

Pip Waller imageat the motorway services I stop and change into my sandals

the dust of the blue deer centre caresses my feet
You who were there will understand
how precious that medicine READ MORE.
Eliot Cowan
What were you up to on Sunday, September 2?Did you attend the webinar with tsaururrikame and Sacred Fire Community elder Eliot Cowan about the importance of taking the Stand? 
If you missed this important moment, feel free to listen to this audio recording of the event. LISTEN HERE.
After you’ve listened, we would love to hear your feedback. Please leave your comments here by replying to this post, or submit them to Pulse.

Ritaka 2012: Fun, Giving, Living from the Heart

This year’s Ritaka (the Sacred Fire Community’s gathering organized and put on by young adults for ourselves) was an extraordinary success!
Ritaka ImageAmong the twelve of us who gathered, we had a wide range of age and experience, and this spectrum of youth held a special and effective space for listening, reflecting and playing with one another. READ MORE.
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Lifeways: Transformation and Healing All on an English Summer

Ukalai ImageDuring five deliciously cool and rainy days in early July, the Ukalai Women’s Retreat was held for the first time in the United Kingdom. The group experienced the glory of an English summer with fabulously fragrant roses blooming in the hedgerows and the welcoming support of hosts Katarina and Richard Diss, Firekeepers in Bedfordshire. Aloma Bartlett tells of her experience: READ MORE.

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A Date with Mr. Hot…and Beyond

By Richard Diss, Firekeeper in Bedfordshire

The story begins last year when, to my surprise and delight, I was told that the next UK Grandfather Fire was to be at Clophill where I run a Centre with my wife Katarina.

Though it was what I had very much wanted, I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. READ MORE.


Fire Stories

Have a story about fire or deep community that needs to be told? Send it to us! We’ll prep it for publication and post it here.


Pulse: One Candle

By SkyFox

The stark blue sky has been empty for weeks. Today, clouds arrive out of the east. Thin whips of pale fog burn away, long before they hit the desert sands, but still create a humidity that intensifies the already sweltering heat. I was planted in this Sonoran Desert with the creosote and saguaro by the Gods twenty two years ago, having no notion it would bring an end to my many years as a wandering nomad.” READ MORE.

Have we pushed your buttons? Push back.

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Heard Around the Fire book excerpt: “What is the difference between mind & Heart?

What have you heard the Fire speaking to you? Whether you’ve become good at listening to that soft voice of Heart within you, or whether you’ve had the privilege of sitting around the fire with Grandfather Fire as he speaks to groups “in the suit,” when you listen to the wisdom of Fire, you become more connected to others, the living world, and your purpose for being. READ MORE.

FireWork: Volunteer positions

The Voice of Fire: Join the Sacred Fire Community Speaking Team

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Sacred Fire Community Speaking and Communications Departments. Our task: to share the voice of fire, Heart and the interconnected nature of all life with the world.

The Sacred Fire Community needs YOU as our…


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If any of the above positions sing out to you, click on them for more information. Please contact SkyFox

Deep relationships

Upcoming Lifeways webinar series:

Introduction to our program “Getting Ready for Deep Relationship,” a three-part webinar for $50. Dates/times: At 2pm Eastern time on Sundays, October 28th, Nov. 4th and Nov. 11th. Presenters: Karen Aberle and Cristian Valenzuela.

Stay tuned for more info or get in touch.

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