Trust. Everyone wants it. 

We talk about trust as an essential quality of good relationships but do we know exactly what it is, how to produce it, and how to rebuild it when it breaks?

We often meet people, feel a good connection with them, bestow all of our trust upon them, and after the inevitable failures of life, watch as it begins to fade away. There’s a better way. Join us for the Getting Ready for Deep Relationship: The Trust Factor November series of webinars and learn about the three critical components of trust and how to begin and maintain relationships with more confidence in others and peace of mind.

The webinar will take place on three consecutive Sundays (one hour each day at 2 pm Eastern (noon Pacific/1 pm Mountain/2 pm Central/8 pm UT): November 4, 11 and 18. Cost: $50 for the series. Register now.

Read the interview with Karen and Cristian, webinar presenters or read their bios.

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