In standing for the sacred and interconnected nature of all life, the Sacred Fire Community (SFC) recognizes the enduring value of the many great spiritual traditions that have existed to help us maintain the wisdom of our hearts. For it is through our hearts that we feel our connection to each other and the world around us.

From our community fires to our Lifeways offerings and events, all SFC offerings are meant to be welcoming to people of any spiritual tradition, or even those who do not identify with a tradition. At this early stage of our development, one of the ancestral traditions represented in the Sacred Fire Community is that of the Huichol people of the western Sierra Nevada mountains of Mexico.

A tuki is a ceremonial house used for important ritual in the Huichol tradition and it is recognized as a living being that needs to be “fed” with an annual celebration or “fiesta.” Whatever your spiritual affiliation, you are invited to join us in this honoring. The tuki in Tepoztlan is critical to the blessings that the marakate (healers and ritual leaders in the Huichol tradition) bring to the Sacred Fire Community at large. These blessing include not only individual healing and ritual support, but the guidance and wisdom that marakate bring through their support of the Sacred Fire Community organization.

The Tuki Fiesta is a powerful experience of authentic tradition—a truly transformative event. To find out more about it or to register, visit


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