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Welcoming the Apocalypse

On January 8, posted a hugely sensationalist apocalypse graphic, along with the headline, “Are you ready for the next Apocalypse?” and this article. What is the Sacred Fire Community’s way of looking at climate change and upheaval?

Weather Channel VideoHere’s the video clip that accompanied the article.

I invited Huichol Marakame, healer and writer Jonathan Merritt to respond to this and other articles that flooded major media during the transition from the past era to the new one.


Welcoming the Apocalypse

Sometimes it is vital to do nothing — Huichol Proverb.
Many years ago, we were sitting at a teaching fire led by Eliot Cowan, one of the elders of the Sacred Fire Community. A young man became incensed that Eliot’s advice for dealing with the current changes, with global warming and the extinction of species, was to sit by the fire and listen, to try to hear the voice of the heart before engaging in action. The young man shouted angrily and ran off into the night. We never saw him again.


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What is the Sacred Fire Community?

This is a response from Susan Skinner, one of the Sacred Fire Community’s four Executive Directors, to a question asked in the comments of our website. Since many of you who have just taken the Stand may also want to know this, we’re sharing it with everyone. Thank you, Susan!
Your request was sent to me. I’m one of the people that has volunteered to help the Sacred Fire Community (SFC) become visible in the world. The request I received said you had filled in a form and asked “What is the SFC?” I’ll do my best to give you a glimpse.
In my words, I would say that we are a bunch of people spread across this globe that have recognized the need for change from societies that create imbalance, isolation, and disconnection from each other, ourselves, the natural world and the spirit that exists in us and amongst all of that. We are finding our way back to our human-ness and connection by re-entering into relationship with each other through the aspects of Fire that warm us up and open us. I recommend that you read the Fire Stories on our website to get a sense of what I am hinting at here. If there are no Sacred Fire Community firesthat are close to you, I suggest you begin to sit by a fire and feel the warmth and witness the simple transformation of the wood to embers and then to ash.

The best answer about who we are are, is by seeing what we stand for in our Stand for Sacredness, in our Lifeways offerings and our Community Fires. Even our Marketplace works to carry products that say something about us. If you have already done this, I’d be happy to try and answer more specific questions or refer you to others that can provide more answers.


Thank you for taking an interest, and we invite you to take the Stand if you haven’t and to warm yourself by engaging with the people and offerings of the Sacred Fire Community. All people are welcome around the Fire.

Warmest regards,

Susan Skinner ImageSusan

Susan Skinner

Co-executive Director
Sacred Fire Community



Poetry from the Fire

Dandelion Image

Sunny dandelion
going to seed in a
white fluff ball
first one puff
carries away a seed on its tiny umbrella
on a breeze
off to college another
drifts down to work
suddenly the big wind blows and
all the seeds are gone
scattered to the world
with the solitary stem
numbering its day til
frost brings an end
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Share your voice of Fire!

HotNews Call for Submissions


HotNews, the Sacred Fire Community’s monthly e-newsletter, is missing something.

Yes, we have announcements of upcoming programs and events, context for what the Community is doing in the world. But where’s the voice of our Community?

Hi, my name is Robin Lockwood and I’m the Content Manager for the Sacred Fire Community HotNews e-newsletter. Some of y’all might remember me from the days of “Around the Fire” newsletter as the one who cajoled, niggled, or just outright harassed you to write articles for our print newsletter. Well, I’m baaaack!
I would like to invite you to add your voices to our e-newsl=etter. I’m seeking your stories, your birth announcements, your death announcements, your achievements, your poetry, your artwork, and what’s happening in your hamlets. I’m looking for the stories that tell us what’s up, what’s down, and what’s swirling all around your lives as you sit in and around the Fire.
Submissions are due the first day of every month by 3 pm CST (USA). These submissions should only be 300 words in length. If you happen to have a picture that goes along with the story, please send it along with your submission, too. Send your submissions to me.  If you have any questions; please send them to me, as well.
Robin Lockwood ImageThis is so exciting! I hope to hear from y’all real soon!!!!
Robin Lockwood.
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Ritaka – The Energy of Youth

Ritaka:  Using the energy of youth to be the change you want to see in the world. Emerging Adults- Please apply!
Embrace your vision! Wanting to find the confidence and courage to raise your voice for the world?
Need recharging and encouragement? Ritaka is a place for young people to join with their age group in a fun-filled event held in a sacred context. Planned by youth, for youth.
Ritaka will be held this year in Chapel Hill, NC. We are looking for young people who want to get involved in planning this dynamic weekend program for emerging adults ages 18-29. Please apply to Rachel Shea.





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Lifeways Ukalai Women’s Retreat Feb 20-24, Carrollton, GA

The Lifeways Women’s Retreat experience helps women find their grounding in the innate sacred feminine.

By restoring the knowledge and experience of the sacred feminine, a new way of being can emerge for our people.

The Ukalai Retreat supports a woman’s need for a “time apart” from the repetitive tasks and demands of everyday life. The deep inner voice of the divine feminine calls to a woman throughout her life until she stops to listen.


To register, contact Robin Lockwood.


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Have we pushed your buttons? Push back.


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A fresh outlook on modern culture

In these crucial times of change, Sacred Fire shows people what’s cooking. Warm, illuminating, provocative–with a  force of heat and transformation–we shine a brilliant light on the joys and dangers of life. Find out more…


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Growing up on Fire: A Lifeways Children’s program is kindling!

What is it that helps our children develop a heartfelt connection to nature, themselves and others?

Chris Holland, UK Firekeeper, author and playful nature-based educator has a few ideas:

“I think it has to do with a combination of many things including playing out from the earliest age in natural spaces, sharing moments of wonder and mystery, foraging,  stories, gratitude and mentoring.” READ MORE.


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By SkyFox, Sacred Fire Community FireWork manager.

On the December Solstice in 2012 there was a changing of the guard.

We were privileged to be alive to witness the departure of the 5th Sun and the birth of the 6th Sun in the Mayan calendar.

Reflecting over the 5000 years of the 5th Sun, there have been wildly wonderful and woefully horrific events for us to celebrate, mourn and say goodbye to.  In contemplating this new era into which we step, we are given the opportunity to set our intentions to do better. READ MORE.


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FireWorkers: Unsung Hero Salute and Welcome

By SkyFox, FireWork manager
Find out more about the people who build the fire and keep it burning in the Sacred Fire Community! Here are a couple of people you should know about:
Unsung Hero
For three years, Sherri Stewart-Hurley from the Leiper’s Fork, TN fire community has been our Product Distribution Coordinator.  She houses most of our Marketplace inventory, receives, ships and fills orders.  READ MORE.
Tracy Pearson has very bravely and generously stepped into being the SFC’s Web Master.   He is charged with keeping the website online, up to date, and assisting with making posts to the site.  Tracy is a member of the Asheville, NC hamlet. READ MORE.
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Upcoming Events

Feb 8-10, 2013
Tepotzlan, Morelos, Mexico

Feb 20-24, 2013

Carrollton, Georgia, USA

Getting Ready for Deep Relationship

Mar 23-24, 2013

Pepperell, Masachusetts, USA

July 13-20, 2013
Blue Deer Center Logo

Events at the Blue Deer Center

March 6-13, 2103


May 13-18, 2013
Plant Spirit Medicine Association Annual Conference
June 28-July 1, 2013
July 2-5, 2013
July 21-25, 2013

Living in the Gift – with Charles Eisenstein

September 27-29, 2013

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