Holding Up the Sky

 One day an elephant saw a hummingbird lying on its back with its tiny feet up in the air.

“What are you doing?” asked the elephant.

The hummingbird replied, “I heard that the sky might fall today, and so I am ready to help hold it up, should it fall.”

The elephant laughed cruelly. “Do you really think,” he said, “that those tiny feet could help hold up the sky?”

The hummingbird kept his feet up in the air, intent on his purpose, as he replied, “Not alone. But each must do what he can. And this is what I can do.”


In today’s largely “community-less modern world”, learning to build and live in community is much like the hummingbird holding up the sky in this Chinese folktale.  None of us can do it alone, but we can each do what we can do.  Whether you are a hummingbird, an elephant, a bear or a snake, you have been gifted with special skills and abilities that are intended to be shared with the world – with your community.

If you are blessed to belong to a fire community, please speak with your Firekeeper about ways to participate in building community where you live.  If you would like to participate in building the Sacred Fire Community in a more global way, please click here to see current volunteer openings or contact SkyFox to discuss how your particular skills and gifts can be utilized.

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