It was extremely windy in Asheville on the Winter Solstice.

The wind gusted in every layer of atmosphere and in every direction. In my own neighborhood the wind gusted strongly. While walking with my dog, Jazzy, we heard a great crack. We looked ahead and watched two trees fall. They had been blown together in previous years and had remained, waiting to be felled. Those trees fell on the Solstice across the road directly in front of me and Jazzy.

They were caught by an old, strong maple. She held the trees safely up above my neighbor’s house and their car. Those neighbors and many other neighbors came out of their houses to see what they had heard. We gathered with the wind and the trees. The “power” was out; but there before us was wood enough for two more winters for my neighbors. The wind had great and small works to complete, tremendous effects to initiate and move away. Everyone noticed. Birds noticed, trees noticed, even people noticed. What’s with this wind? It’s wind to move out an era. It’s wind to move in an era. Thank you, wind.

The Wind



The wind blows through the trees

The wind blows through me


The wind speaks to the trees

The wind speaks to me


The wind moves the trees

The wind moves me


The wind changes the trees

The wind changes me


The trees thank the wind

The wind thanks the trees


I thank the wind

The wind thanks me


Elizabeth Kelly lives in Asheville NC, USA and is part of the Asheville hamlet.



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