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HotNews May 2013

With deepest appreciation for all your labors of love and heart on our behalf.
With love,
The Sacred Fire Community
Back in June, Larry Messerman announced that he would be stepping down from his role as a Co—Executive of the Sacred Fire Community. The baton just passed to newly recruited Tim Simon. Welcome Tim! At this juncture, we have, as a community, the occasion and honor to celebrate  Larry for his eight years of devoted and inspired service. Larry listened carefully around the fire, and worked  tirelessly and collaboratively with the three other co-executives  to help bring more Fire and heart into the world.  Now we can share and show some of this heart and Fire  to him. What better way to honor Larry for his legacy of leadership than to express  gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness—true markers of a  strong, heart-based community.
We invite you to sign Larry’s card by sending us an email with your appreciation, jokes or funny memories. Please feel free to include a note, share an anecdote, a poem, a photo. Let your heart open wide and be a part of this fiery forum.  In another issue of HotNews we’ll share everyone’s responses. Thank you!

By Erin Everett
The above headline may be our destiny, but we’re not there quite yet. What do you see in our future?
No matter where our road is leading us through the warmth and blazing hot-ness of fire, our Community is an expression of sacredness, fire and community that has tremendous potential.
If each of you reading this are interested in the path of our community would do all of us this favor:
1. Find a quiet spot and a quiet moment. Take a deep breath.
2. Light a candle if you have one around. If not, just feel the warmth of your heart.
3. Ask yourself this: Where do I see the Sacred Fire Community in 20 years?
How many people are there? What impact are we having? Are there a mix of ages and faces? Have fires gotten larger or more diverse? Have local hamlet communities grown to be more a part of the international movement of sacredness and fire, or have they gotten more developed locally? Or have things stayed the same? How do we help each other? How are we becoming more and more a community? How is our community responding to the heart-needs of our people?
4. After you vision this for 5-20 minutes, write it down. Then, please come back here and share with your  community what you saw/felt/perceived by using the comments function below. If your experience is one you don’t want to share with everyone, please send it to me directly.

By Jonathan Merritt
We were sitting in a beautiful dell at the base of a mountain close to the sea. It was a small group, about thirty-five people, some of whom had come from hundreds, even thousands of miles away to sit in the presence of Grandfather Fire. Before the Tsaurirrikame, David Wiley, a fully initiated shamanic healer and ceremonial leader in the lineage of the Wixarika (Huichols) of Mexico’s Western Sierra Madre, approached the brightly burning fire to make his offerings and prayers, a statement was read that described how, in times of great turbulence and trouble, when the people have lost their essential connection with Divine Presence, the gods arrange to speak with us in a voice we can understand, to bring guidance so that we might regain balance and remember our dependence on and obligation to all that lives, so that we might transform our culture, so that we might live joyfully again in relationship with each other and the living world. This phenomenon, which is common in many traditional cultures, is very unusual in ours and signifies the dangerous precipice upon which we teeter. The statement described the Tsaurirrikame, his dedication, learning and sacrifice, how at a certain point he would go into a coma-like state and a very different distinct presence would rise in him and speak through his body. That presence, that voice, is known in Huichol as Tatewarí, Grandfather Fire, the Elemental God of Fire.
I have had the good fortune to sit in this way with Grandfather Fire more than a hundred times. Yet, each time, as the energy builds to where the Tsaurirrikame begins shaking and Tatewarí emerges, I feel my own excitement and trepidation—excitement because I know that we are about to be given Divine Wisdom; trepidation because I remember the fundamental situation, that we are living in an extremely dangerous time, and that what we need to hear may be both personally and culturally painful.

Fire Workers: Igniting New Fire

Many changes are igniting in the Sacred Fire Community, and they are reflected in FireWorkers both departing and coming on board.  Here are words from a departing friend and a warm welcome to those who have recently joined us.

Larry Messerman
Larry Messerman Image

Dear Fire Friends:Over the course of the past year, you may have noticed some of our appeals to find a replacement for me as one of the four Co-Executives of the Sacred Fire Community organization. It is now time for me to step down from this position. At our recent leadership training in Tepoztlan, Grandfather announced that my position would in fact go to a member of our new Firekeeper Council. Tim Simon is thus stepping into my role. This will give Firekeeping and the communities they support a much more central voice in planning for the Community organization. Congratulations, Tim!  READ MORE

We are very pleased to have several new folks to welcome into the SFCO family:
Bill Sutton
Bill Sutton ImageBill, who is starting a new fire hamlet in Denver, Colorado, USA, has joined the SFCO as our new Executive Director.  The SFCO structure is gradually changing as he mentions in this description of his job, “I’m accountable to the Board of Directors (which we’re in the process of putting in place) for accomplishing the vision and mission of the organization.”  We’re quite pleased to have Bill in this position, as it gets the rest of us off the hook with the Board!  READ MORE
Tim Simon
Tim Simon ImageTim is Firekeeper of the Brookfield, MA hamlet, along with his wife, Gwen Broz.  He is the Sacred Fire Community’s  Firekeeper Council Representative, which is a newly created director-level position within the organization. With respect to stepping into this position, he says, “I would rather think of it as being a participating member than as a volunteer. Ever since i was in the Army, I have a hard time volunteering for anything.”  We so appreciate Tim jumping into this position and hope it will not create too many Army flashbacks for him. This new position is only one of many changes happening. Stay tuned!  READ MORE
Azelia Serjeantsen 
Azelia Serjeantsen ImageAzelia has joined the Sacred Fire Community team as a Grants Researcher.  She will be researching funding possibilities for the organization….a job at which we hope she is very, very good !!
Azelia lives in Victoria, Canada where there is not currently a Firekeeper, but she attended community fires there in the past.  She previously attended community fires in Yellowknife, CAN from 2006-2008. Born in England, Azelia grew up in Quebec and lived nine years in the Northwest Territories (sub-arctic lands).  READ MORE
Lydia Jane Michaels
Lydia Jane Michaels ImageLydia is an Initiated Woman in the Sacred Fire Community who is now the Administrative Assistant to the Lifeways Mentoring Program.  Lydia recently moved across country to Alabama and is attending community fires in Arkansas.  She is a student and teacher of yoga therapy and the proud momma of hound dogs!  We are proud to bring Lydia on board and are certain she will be an invaluable co-creator of the Mentoring Program.
Interested in becoming a FireWorker with the Sacred Fire Community? Contact SkyFox.


Do you mind if I smoke image

“When I showed up for the Ukalai Women’s Retreat at the Blue Deer Center, I knew I would learn from smart shaman women.
But, I really didn’t know what to expect. What I experienced was deep knowing and love.  This was a place of deep dreaming and an opening to begin to heal.  We spent time outside, which I did want to do.  The outdoor solitude time was a space for gratitude and prayer. We also did projects that I wasn’t excited about.  But, what I came to discover, was that gooey, chocolatey richness came surprisingly from the place of not wanting to do, but doing anyway (at times, kicking and screaming). We all dug deep into the darkness within. From sludging through the murkiness, eventually there was light, then expressive art was created. I was in awe of what came when I let go of the fear and the perception that there was ugliness inside. What I came to know was what seemed ugly was really sweetness, beauty and joy.
I became wiser to my ability to heal and be held by the amazing women mentoring and attending.  I also opened to the ability to hold myself, which is the  magic I continue to practice, even two years after the retreat.”
Rita Swanson


Initiation speech at Tuki Fiesta. By: Ana Mariana Ortega, Andrea Thomsen and Lucia Del Rivero

This speech was given by Andrea, Ana Mariana and Lucia, during the Tuki Fiesta, in Tepoztlan. They are about to be initiated into womanhood.
Ana Mariana:
“Initiations are something you don’t pay for, you earn them. The fact of not having the money is just one more element in the aspect of sacrifice.  I feel extremely grateful that it is something I’m lacking of. With humility I tell you this: we are looking for help! There’s three of us, Andrea Thomsen, Lucía Del Rivero and me, Ana Mariana Ortega.”
“The first thing we did was a ‘Give Away’. With the money we gathered we made the first payment and the rest was used to throw a party. But this party went wrong and we ended up in red numbers. We had to come up with new ways of gathering money, such as selling flower crowns and some raffles, and the donations we have received, we made it here.”
Payments upcoming:
“The first one is the one we made last year, the second is for April 8th,  and it’s of $1,800 dollars for the three of us, after comes the third payment, on June 24th, for $1,200 dollars for the three of us. We also need to buy our plane tickets…
For now we have a PayPal account; contact us if you’d like more information.”
Ana Mariana:
“If you believe on what we said, if you think it’s worth it to help us achieve this initiation, contribute. Any help is welcomed.
Thanks to all of those who were at the Tuki fiesta, to those who have made donations to us, to those who share their love, enthusiasm, joy and devotion, to make this happen. Really, thank you so much!”


Firework: Spreading Fire throughout the world, one person at a time.

Do you feel called to help spread the healing medicine, warmth and joy of Fire throughout the world? The Sacred Fire Community’s mission is to do just that. Below are open positions. Come join us!!
Marketplace Manager
Are you a visionary entrepreneur, and do you have enthusiasm to build a bigger and better Marketplace? We’re taking the Sacred Fire Community Marketplace to another level. Although you shouldn’t quit your day job yet, we are offering this position with a financial incentive. Some background in retail sales is a plus. Estimated 2-10 hrs per month, not including events.
Production Coordinator
Are you good at keeping track of details and multiple projects? Are you proficient in the use of Adobe Creative Suite? Are you accurate when you are updating items on the computer? Our Production Coordinator will be responsible for the supply of artwork and graphic resources in support of the Speaking and Communications Departments. The role will involve working with existing designs to make minor edits, providing artwork in appropriate formats for print and email distribution and maintaining file archives. Training and guidance will be given where necessary based on experience and the role is a gateway to more creative involvement in Sacred Fire Community Speaking. 5-10 hours/month.
HotNews Editor
One of the most exciting roles for speaking Fire and Heart to the world, you’ll work with the Speaker and HotNews Content Manager to plan, organize, guide, manage writers, interview and write articles for monthly HotNews e-newsletter. Are you a wordsmith and world-changer? Then this is the job for you!
Events Manager
Do you enjoy being in the middle of the action, building teams and making community gatherings happen? As our Events Manager, you’ll be the key player that ensures our community shines in events like Grandfather Fires, Reunions, Ignite Your Heart and others.
If any of these key positions brings a smile to your face, please contact SkyFox.


Sacred Fire Magazine ImageIn these crucial times of change, Sacred Fire shows people what’s cooking. Warm, illuminating, provocative–with a  force of heat and transformation–we shine a brilliant light on the joys and dangers of life. Find out more…


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Exploring the Mystery of Nature: 9th Annual Plant Spirit Medicine Conference

[This is an announcement for an upcoming conference for our sister group, the Plant Spirit Medicine Association. —Ed.] 

PSM Conference Image

9th Annual Plant Spirit Medicine Conference
Exploring the Mystery of Nature:
Deepening our Connection and Strengthening our Practice
Friday, June 28-Monday, July 1, 2013
Nature is the creative expression of Divine. Reawakening our listening to Nature has brought us to the miracle of Plant Spirit Medicine healing.
This year’s conference experience is designed to deepen our relationship and understanding of the natural world and bring the Plant Spirit Medicine healer into awareness of the tools available for this healing work which brings transformation to our clients. We invite those currently involved in the study of Plant Spirit Medicine, as well as those interested in learning more about Plant Spirit Medicine.
Join us at the 9th Annual Plant Spirit Medicine Conference, as we share, connect and grow deeper into the heart and the practice of this medicine.
Learn more about Plant Spirit Medicine.
Discover the Dance of Deep Community.


SFC Events ImageUpcoming Events

May 24-26, 2013

Tepotzlan, Morelos, MexicoUkilai Men’s Retreat

May 24-27, 2013

Alice Springs, NT, Australia

June 1-2, 2013

Clophill Centre, Clophill BedfordshireUkalai Women’s Retreat

June 5-9, 2013

Blue Deer Centre, Margaretville, NY, USA

July 13-20, 2013Ukalai Women’s Retreat

August 28-September 1, 2013

Portland Hamlet, Portland, Oregon, USA

Ukalai Women’s RetreatOctober 3-7, 2013

Alice Springs, NT, Australia


Blue Deer Center LogoEvents at the Blue Deer Center

May 3-5, 2013
June 22, 2013
June 28-July 1, 2013
July 2-5, 2013

July 27-August 1, 2013Ancient Wisdom Rising

August 16–18, 2013

September 27-29, 2013Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training, Session One

October 28- November 4, 2013

at Gayles Retreat, East Sussex, UK

Ancient Wisdom Rising 2013 gathers at Blue Deer Center August 16-18. Plan to be there!
We’re excited that two Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Six Nations) elders will share their words with us this year: Oren Lyons (Onondaga) and Tom Porter (Mohawk). This is such an honor. Tom brings the gathering an ancestral grounding as BDC resides in the Mohawk homelands.
Participate in teachings, stories and ceremonies with four additional wisdom keepers including Sobonfu Some’ of the Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso, Eda Zavala of the Wari people of Peru, and Eliot Cowan of the Huichol tradition and Plant Spirit Medicine. (Join the AWR mailing list for elder updates and announcements.)
HotNews call for submissions
Submissions are due the first day of every month by 3 pm CST (USA). These submissions should only be 300 words in length. If you happen to have a picture that goes along with the story, please send it along with your submission, too. Send your submissions to me.  If you have any questions; please send them to me, as well.
Robin Lockwood

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