3-Organizations-MilpaCasa Xiuhtecuhtli in Tepoztlan, Mexico is a sacred home for Nahua and Huichol medicine path groups who dedicate their lives to maintain these traditions. Through healing and ceremonial work, they seek to help humanity restore a balanced relationship with the Divine natural world.

This spring, representatives from these two medicine groups
along with those from four additional groups: the Blue Deer Center, the Sacred Fire Community Organization, the Sacred Fire Foundation and the local Tepoztlan Fire Community, collaborated in a prosperity ritual that involves planting, growing, and harvesting corn at Casa Xiuhtecuhtli.


The local Tepoztlan Community under the guidance of Marakame and Firekeeper Jaime Velez, SFC Firekeepers Erica Cohen and Ana Cortez and community member Carlos Romero cared thoroughly and tenderly for two varieties of corn under sometimes challenging conditions. A number of local farmers offered their generous support and advice along the way as well.


Jaime-wateringCorn has traditionally been used as the main food for many sacred ceremonies. Corn has a divine origin, a sacred essence. Its life cycle is like the human life cycle. In Mexico the different stages of human life are compared to the different stages of the corn: the corn is born very humid and cold and as it grows and ripens it turns dry and warm, like people do at an old age.  In Mexico corn is made into pinole (ground and toasted corn seeds mixed with various other seeds), atole (ground corn boiled with water and sugar and cacao or fruits), tamales and tortillas. As people follow the corn’s growing season, they have many opportunities to come together to celebrate the blessings of Life and community.

fullness-of-milpaThe corn at Casa Xiuh has matured to seed and is now ready to harvest on the October Full Moon. You are invited to participate in the Harvest and Celebratory Potluck Feast that will include some of the freshly harvested corn, on Tuesday October 27, 2015 at 2 pm at Casa Xiuhtecuhtli, Tepoztlan, Mexico. We apologize for the late notice. Please JOIN US if you can!

Those interested in attending the harvest celebration in person are asked to contact Ana Cortes for details.

IMG_Team-making-offerrings-to-fireEach of the groups participating in this ritual will save some of the corn for future planting and gifting so that the cycle of prosperity may continue. The very nature of this prosperity ritual has created opportunities, raised questions, invited reflection and brought forth an abundance of experiences related to prosperity.