A Trio of Poems
By Andrew Weatherly

Love Is Round 1
for Sherry Morgan

Love is round
like river burned stones
who were broken up and out from earth
where we’d been ignited and fused as magma
cooled in the womb in close company
till birthed by breaking through fertile soil
jagged craggy cleft
sharpening hardening in sun and ice
breathing bitter acid rain

And a foot punts us over the bank
or the land drops us off her edge
bouncing jouncing with cracks and smacks
with our whole tribe together combing
the river’s hair as she polishes our edges
and we smooth each others’ dents
rounding into love

Love Is Round 2
for Grandfather

Love is round
like our heart’s shape
pumping passion out one side
to breathe in joy and life that is air
beating back around
circling out through arteries
bringing burning oxygen rolling
into fingers to caress our beloveds
into guts to digest the world
and fortify our resolve
sweeping burnt debris back
from capillaries through dark veins
raking in what is used
to renew to resolve to return
thrust up and back through our hearts
gushing red love
around and around
circling through our bodies
rounding our hearts

Love Is Round 3
for Hafiz

Oh you who would serve
be a wave rolling in ocean
expressing her will as water
caresses air and kisses the shore

You who would know the divine
know first Love
as you feed your heart ambrosia
as you sip pure nectar for your soul
as you offer your beloved golden honey
as your lips whisper a prayer for the Other
shadowing your footsteps
as you lead with bright eyes and gentle fingers
softening your heart
giving receiving Love
of the divine the earth the sea

Andrew Weatherly is a member of the Asheville, NC (USA) Sacred Fire Community.  He hears inspiration from dying trees, Hawaiian shirts, fires, and other poets. He is blessed to live in the hood, teach adults to read, dance in the streets, and occasionally slip off to pilgrimages to sacred mountains. A full collection of poetry by Andrew Weatherly can be obtained by contacting him at Proceeds help support Andy’s commitments to Weatherwork.  

Sherry Morgan shares how this Love is Round set of poems came to be.

One day in the fall of 2015, the words “Love is Round” arrived in my prayers. What beautiful and curious words they were! Sitting with them I came to understand that they explain the experience people receive through my work, as I help deepen their awareness of connection with the many aspects of the living world. “Love is Round” perfectly explains the design of the universe and also of humans, and provides a wonderful context for my work. (See It was suggested that I ask Andrew Weatherly to write a poem for Love is Round. Through his incredible capacity to access poetry, he wrote not one but three such poems! I am happy to share them with you here.

Round Love,