Commitment, determination, vision, steadfastness and heart-centered values are five descriptors of three young women who put their feet forward to walk the path of their Initiation into Womanhood. While many inquire and are drawn to the process that Sacred Fire Community Lifeways program of Initiation offers, few fulfill the rigor of preparation and process of passing through this transformative doorway.

The Women’s Initiation Council proudly presents three young women who have put their feet to the process of initiation and have emerged on August 5, to tell the world of their accomplishments:

Please join us in welcoming Abigail Murray-Nikkel of Fayetteville, North Carolina (USA), Cassandra Starks of Haigler, Nebraska (USA), and Sarah, also from the USA!

We are also very grateful to the community support we received by many Firekeepers holding fires for the candidates’ initiatory process, the initiates’ parents who each contributed and held space for their daughters’ journey and to a strong community of committed staff of men and women.

Without community, this work would not exist. Please know how much we appreciate your support!  Find out more about Initiation into Womanhood »