Guardian spirit, magical provider, trickster-teacher, provoker of change. The spirit of Raven now lives in the Olympia (Washington, USA) Sacred Fire House. In 2016, Firekeepers Sharon and Peter Brown were given guidance by their pathwork elder to install a raven totem pole to benefit those who gather around their hearth. Saanich carver Doug Horne from Tsawout First Nations north of Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) created Raven from red cedar, and in mid-November 50 people gathered in 45-degree weather for an eight-hour feast, ceremony, and potlatch to entice the spirit of Raven to stay. The celebration, protocols, and displays of abundance and generosity appealed to Raven, whose expression visibly changed throughout the event. Raven’s residence offers wisdom and protection to the Olympia community, whose members are deeply appreciative of his presence there.