The international Sacred Fire Community will be hosting seven Life Cycle Living workshops on three continents in 2018. Here is what Linda Felch, Firekeeper for the New Freedom, PA (USA) Sacred Fire hamlet has to share about her community’s experience with this facilitated exploration of the natural stages of human life, from birth to death. 

“One of the wonderful things that came out of our Life Cycle Living workshop here in New Freedom, PA (USA) is remembering the importance of the elders within our community. As part of their role in service to the younger generations, elders are asked to share the wisdom gained from their life experiences. As a result of our discussion, we hosted a Story Telling Fire, with participants ranging from age 5 to 75. We laughed, cried and learned as people shared stories from their own lives, as well as from different Native American traditions. We decided on the spot we will do this again!”

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