Dear Friends:

I just returned from the Blue Deer Center where the International Sacred Fire Community hosted two trainings to support our network of Firekeepers: The Dancing with Emotions workshop and our annual Firekeeper Retreat.

Being at the Blue Deer Center, a sister organization with a facility located on ancestral sacred lands in the Catskill Mountains of New York, and working with other Firekeepers was an opportunity for profound learning for all of us who have committed the rest of our lives to hosting monthly fires across the world for people to find their connection to heart, mind and spirit.

Currently, in any given year, thousands of people in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Colombia, Ireland, the UK, and Australia are sitting by a sacred fire in their communities every month. Doing so, they directly experience the grace that connects people to each other and to their emotions; reminds them of the vitality of our true human nature, and reaffirms connections to each other and the living natural world around us.

In a world that is growing increasingly polarized, Fire, as it did for our ancestors and continues to do for many people around the world, is a way to connect deeply with our humanity.

As a Firekeeper myself, I am fully aware of the ongoing learning that is necessary to meet the needs of the people who show up every month to local fires.  I am grateful that the International Sacred Fire Community is able to support our passionate, dedicated and diverse Firekeepers and that we continue to grow and learn together in these workshops and retreats.

As I look out into the world, I see the need for many more Firekeepers. I dream of 1,000 fires being hosted by Firekeepers and then 10,000 and in the generations to come, 100,000 fires lit to bring people home to their hearts and to the best that we have to offer each other as humans.

Your interest and contributions help us support our existing Firekeepers as they continue their learning. If you feel a call or an interest in hosting monthly sacred fires where you live, please do contact us. It is time for the medicine that Sacred Fire can offer to reach more people, and we welcome your interest and questions.

See you around the fire!