Dear Friend of the Fire,

The International Sacred Fire Community has been offering monthly community fires across the world for many years now. In the center, always, the dancing flames mysteriously renewing, inspiring and recalibrating us. We find ourselves, as our ancestors no doubt did, in a circle of humans gathered round to share our lives, successes, concerns, laughter and tears.

Isn’t it wonderful that community fires are being lit in seven countries on four continents? While our experiences are influenced according to the times and and physical environments we live in, and spiced also by the nature of the local initiated firekeeper, the presence of Fire itself, and the simple ritual we perform to consecrate it, is constant.

So are the underlying emotions that move us, and the
innate human desire to be witnessed and to feel connected.

A fiddle plays in Ireland. Barking dogs, perennial fiesta music and fireworks offer background sounds in Mexico. We gather in urban, suburban and remote settings with the desert, mountains, ocean or forest providing diverse backdrops. In some places, impromptu tarps cover the fire and in others permanent structures offer protection. Potlucks, hot chocolate, singing, dancing, drumming – each community has its own way of doing things.

We celebrate this diversity even as we can know that as we sit at a sacred fire anywhere in the world, we are all moving together as humans towards a common understanding of the gifts that Fire brings. Slowing down, circling up, diving deeper, staying the course, coming out with a better understanding of what it really means to be in authentic relationship.

Sacred Fire Community family, whether you realize it or not, we are all part of a Great Endeavor that seeks, one person at a time, to restore balance and bring healing into the world. Indeed, as we each leave a community fire, we take a little bit of fire, held within our hearts, out into our daily lives, and share it.

The intention of the International Sacred Fire Community is to double the number of community fires being offered over the next two years. Our foundation is solid, our volunteers and staff inspired, and the time is right!

If you agree that the medicine of a consecrated Fire can renew, recalibrate, inspire, or even challenge and stir us, then please help us to spread this gift of authentic connection to and exploration of our humanness through a financial contribution today.

Your donation is critical to our success and we thank you for your help and support.


David, Susan, Karen, and Roger

David Wiley
Susan Skinner
Karen Smith Fernandez
Roger Menadue

Board of Trustees