Happy New Year!

We know you have places to go and things to do, but before you celebrate the new year with friends, family and fire, celebrate with us! This last year saw some wonderful occasions of hearts connecting around the fire!

  • 7,000 people interested and engaged with Sacred Fire activities and counting!
  • 67 Firekeepers hosting community fires, women’s fires, men’s fires and specialty fires
  • 43 Community Fires held for nearly 500 participants each month
  • 10 Fire Speaks events in the US, the UK, Canada and Mexico;
  • 7 Lifecycle Living focus groups to garner input into improving our LifeWays programs
  • 2 Lifeways programs in Utah and Scotland

Our resolution for the next two years is to double our impact by doubling the number of community fires, increasing our Lifeways Program offerings and engaging thousands more with Sacred Fire.