Are you looking for great purpose, meaning and transformation in your life, while producing spiritual connection, community and help for others? Would you like to see conflict and polarity in people’s lives changed to heart and dialogue? If so, we invite you to explore stepping into the role of Sacred Fire Firekeeper.

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In premodern cultures around the world, people recognized the otherworldly effect of sitting with Fire and its influence to open people in a way not easily understood. Beyond heat and light, the presence of Fire was revered for the way that it could produce emotional, mental and spiritual health for communities and individuals, when facilitated by someone who could see and work with Fire’s special gift. This ability, held by those in the role known as “firekeeper,” was cultivated and passed on through generations to particular people. Firekeepers would then be a common presence at gatherings, council and ceremony. Nowadays, this skill, which has been lost in our society, is being reintroduced with the help of Grandfather Fire, and through his relationship to traditions that are still familiar with this spiritual endowment given for humanity’s benefit.

Particular skills, dedication and courage allow Firekeepers to hold space for community as Fire gets things moving, reveals what lies hidden, and ultimately shines a light on common human values and needs. It takes commitment to learn to be a beacon as people seek a way through their difficulties. Through the simple yet powerful ritual of monthly community fires, Sacred Fire Firekeepers have the opportunity to help people remember something deep and forgotten about what it is to be alive, in relationship to each other and in relationship to the natural world we live in. Connection and trust are built and become available during times of both celebration and challenge, and much becomes possible for everyone present.

What is the journey to becoming a Sacred Fire Firekeeper about? It begins with a desire to explore the unknown and to see what binds us together as human beings. Then comes a lifelong commitment to regularly hold space, at least once a month, for community to meet around Fire. Dedication, courage and perseverance are essential and much-needed for this role, to help bring us back to our connection with ourselves, each other and the natural world. We have moved very far from this important depth of relationship, as we can all notice in the struggles we see today. Around the fire, some people will speak louder and more often, where others might feel voiceless, yet have much insight to share. Some will be stronger and others fragile. A Firekeeper makes sure all voices are welcome and heard and provides context, safety and support while Fire’s mysterious force of change and healing touches everyone in the circle.

Those who feel interested or called to this work must meet some basic requirements, including being in a stable place in life and work, settled in a place to live for an extended period of time, and with a personal schedule that allows monthly community fires. Potential Firekeepers are then supported through a meaningful discernment and training process, which culminates in a formal initiation. Stepping up to this work is truly a heart’s calling to the mystery of life and soul, as well as an offer of something valuable to the world.

Even after initial training and initiation, the art and skill of Firekeeping requires consistent support and continuing education, through dedicated teachers, in order to deepen this important aptitude. This includes the exploration of unconscious beliefs, judgments and fears in order to open fully to this spiritual service.

Currently, Sacred Fire’s Firekeepers hold their fires in seven countries, and we dream of spreading to many more areas all over the world. Imagine the healing impact in the face of so much need! Do you feel called, or do you know someone who seems perfect for the task? If so, you are invited to say, “Yes!”

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