by Deanna Jenné, Sacred Fire Mesa

Women initiates from 2015

Deanna Jenné — Senior Council Leader for the Sacred Fire Community Young Women’s Initiation Council — appeals to women to connect to their deeper, intuitive voice: “This voice comes from the heart, from our deep connection to the Divine Feminine. We connect to that depth, first, through initiation.”

Throughout history, women have spoken out to have their voices heard. I’m thinking of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, which began in 1848 when the first women’s rights convention was held. Women were jailed for speaking out for women’s suffrage at the turn of the 20th century. Suffrage at that time meant the right to vote — a beginning for women to have a voice. By 1918, the 19th Amendment for Female Suffrage and the Right to Vote was granted to women, thanks to so many women who fought for our rights as human beings

In the 1970’s, along with many women, I held offices in the National Organization of Women, demanding equality of men and women, women’s rights in the workplace, pro-choice for our bodies, and many more issues.

A new revolution is happening. Women are being called to stand in their deeper knowing and intuitive nature, to stand collectively for the Divine Feminine as well as the sacred and interconnected nature of all life. Women are being called to end the isolation of modern culture and to build lives of meaning and purpose.

The first step for a young woman to participate in this revolution is to go through the ancient and timeless ritual of Initiation. This rite is a natural act that all cultures throughout the world have offered their youth to open the doorway to meaning and purpose. For women, it is a step into a deep relationship with the Divine Feminine force that is there for them at this pivotal time in their lives. Sacred Fire Community Lifeways offers Sacred Emergence, our Initiation into Womanhood, as a first step young women can take to participate in this “revolution of heart,” to claim the inner Feminine Nature that will give strength, endurance and courage to the voice of the feminine.

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2015 Initiation Staff