sacred fire lanterns

As we’ve all noticed, our human minds can sometimes lead us astray, right down the rabbit hole of anxiety and confusion. However, when we spend time together, around Fire, just as human beings have done for 800,000 years, something inside us wakes up in that presence of warmth and camaraderie. Our monkey-minds calm down, the ideologies fall away, and we discover something deep, fundamental, fun and also challenging in the best of ways. We marvel that the seemingly simple element of Fire brings such a mysterious remedy to so many.

Hundreds of volunteers have put their hearts, good humor, time and energy into Sacred Fire over the last two decades, opening the sacred doorway for thousands into the meaningful experiences of Sacred Fire that we offer.

Sacred Fire’s unique and transformative remedy for the challenges of the human condition was our focus during the annual Sacred Fire organization summer meetings this past August 2019. It’s hard to express the magic all of us feel when devoting ourselves to opening the way for meaning and warmth to fill the cultures and communities that gather around our fires. The only thing we can say is, come join us in this Great Endeavor!


sacred fire organization

The Sacred Fire Board and core team at our August 2019 meetings in Georgia (USA).