Dear Friends:

Here in the United States, November initiates the holiday season with Thanksgiving. And while those of you in the southern hemisphere are enjoying spring, it is always a good time to focus on gratitude.

At Sacred Fire we are grateful for so many things. For the hard work of our Program Directors and our volunteer staff who believe so deeply in our mission. We are grateful for the dedication of 61 (and growing!) active Firekeepers around the world who host monthly community fires and bring people in from the coldness of our times. Over the course of a year, they volunteer thousands of hours to directly bring the work of Fire and heart to the world.

We are also grateful for our Lifeways Providers, who offer programs that support major transitions in life from birth to death. This critical work is the beginning of a more comprehensive vision of support and alignment with the natural cycles that we call Lifecycle Living.

We are grateful to all the people and places that have hosted our Fire Speaks events that give people around the world the opportunity to directly experience the wisdom of Grandfather Fire. And we are grateful to Grandfather Himself, who has provided the guidance that led to the founding of this organization and is a source of continued inspiration.

We are also profoundly grateful for all of you – our widespread, dedicated, passionate community! Not only do you offer us financial support and your time – essential for our sustainability – but also your prayers and good wishes, and your incredible stories about how this work is transforming your lives.

Thank you for taking the journey,

Lawrence Messerman
Executive Director, Sacred Fire