Dear Friends:

As the year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the impact of our work in the world.

Sacred Fire launched a new website that we believe will make our work more easily understood and our offerings more visible to those seeking what we have to offer.

Our Firekeepers have been hosting regular community fires in seven countries around the world, with 6,000 people participating this year. By the end of this year, we will add six new Firekeepers, including our first-ever Firekeepers in Greece and Scotland.

Our Lifeways Program hosted men’s and women’s gatherings and initiated a new group of young women as part of our Sacred Emergence program.

Our Fire Speaks events attracted an unprecedented number of new people, showing us that word of our work is getting out into the world, with our event in Ireland attracting people from seven countries.

We are proud of these achievements and the growth in our work over this last year. We are reaching new people, more people and activating our work in more locations – but we know that there is a lot more to be done. 

Like you, we feel an urgency to bring more fire and heart to our people to help restore balance.

We cannot do it without you. 

Your financial support and your volunteer help are greatly needed.

Please consider making a contribution before the end of the year and offering your skills through becoming a volunteer. When we meet in January to plan our work for 2020, your offerings will pave our way forward.


With Gratitude,