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In working together during this auspicious Metal Rat year; we don’t need to push for very strong, ambitious goals. Instead, the “many” will be able to take apart problems that seem to be obstacles and resolve them.

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Every Tibetan/Chinese New Year, Grandfather Fire gives a public audience in Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. For years, Grandfather had alluded that “great happenings” would be coming in 2020, so those of us who attended the Feb. 29 audience were excited…and also a bit nervous…to hear what he had to say.

We were relieved to hear that this year is destined to be auspicious as long as we work with the patron of this Tibetan year, the Rat, in a rat-like way. Rat is a very social animal, devoted to community and family, very clever and smart, and can adapt to any situations and obstacles. This means it can deal with great challenges, create prosperity and reap benefit in the face of uncertainty and change. And since Rat is frugal, it requires very little to experience prosperity.

In combination with the Rat, the influence of Metal (one of the Tibetan and Chinese Five Elements) affects this year, which opens the opportunity to make great changes successfully. Prosperity (which we’ll learn is more than just about finances) will manifest very easily, and great barriers can be circumvented and overcome through the work of many to solve the same problem. This year does not favor solitary leadership but instead leadership that includes many voices, so that diversity in the leadership will benefit many.

On the side of caution, the Rat is naturally adventurous. The message here is that people should avoid too much risk and being too clever, which can lead to failures and ego challenges. Metal Rat has both masculine and feminine energies; when they are in balance the feminine moderates Rat’s masculine egoic nature, keeping the community connected and flowing and preventing over-extension by focusing on relationships.

Grandfather’s parting words conveyed that this year will be very favorable for new community activities, projects and initiatives, and it’s time for us to start building and organizing in new ways. We were warned against pushing for very ambitious goals: it’s about the work of many to solve the problems that seem to face us.

If a great obstacle is at hand, uniting all of us across the globe in its effects, we’re optimistic that this Metal Rat year will help us to be ready for the challenge…as long as we work together!

– Ana Cortés, Firekeeper
Tepoztlan, MO, MX
– Erin Everett, Sacred Fire Team
Asheville, NC, USA

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