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It’s time to apply for Young Women’s Initiation 2021

The application deadline for the 2020 Sacred Emergence is February 15.

Although the Sacred Emergence Women’s Initiation Council accepts applications year round, to be considered for the 2020 initiation, we must receive your application by February 15th. If we receive your application after this date, we will put you on the list for consideration in 2021.

IMPORTANT: If you are a young woman close to the cutoff age of 25 and want to apply for initiation, you must meet this deadline. If we have not received your application by February 15, you will have missed your opportunity.

To learn more about your eligibility, cutoff and ritual dates, and to apply please visit the event page or contact the Initiation Council.

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Awakening Heart Through Technology

With so many technological tools at our fingertips, we have an unprecedented ability to reach thousands, millions and billions of people. And I guess you could say Sacred Fire is ambitious. We have taken on a really big project—to help the peoples of today’s world rediscover and return to fundamentals of life that are increasingly being forgotten: Our connection to each other and the Divine natural world. An appreciation of and respect for the cycles of life. The magic of gathering around the Sacred Fire to find balance and heal our alienation and stuck places.

Are you looking for something really meaningful to do with your life right now? Would you like to join us? We are assembling a team of passionate, technically skilled people to do really cool, effective things online. We’re currently looking for a system administrator to help with setting up and debugging Linux-based server systems, a PHP/MySQL programmer to help with deep website coding, and a database administrator to help configure and administrate our growing database of contacts and event records. We have a great team of volunteers, and this is fun, exciting, and very important work.

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Seeking a Finance Manager

Someone who understands the nature of Fire. Is not afraid of money. Understands money. Likes details and lists.

Hi, This is Susan Skinner. Jennifer Weise and I have been running the finance area of the Sacred Fire Community organization for over 8 years. Regrettably, Jennifer now needs to move on to devote more time to other responsibilities in her life, and this leaves me in critical need of a partner.

I’m looking for someone with good organizational skills and facility with numbers to take on Jennifer’s role as Finance Manager. Any bookkeeping, accounting, business, or organizational background would be extremely helpful. Knowledge of Quickbooks is a plus, although we have a separate Quickbooks manager.

The main thing you need is a willingness to learn and a desire to help. This is a volunteer position and usually takes around 2-4 hours per week. It’s a needed role and a practical way to help us in our work to bring Fire and Heart to the world.

If you’re interested, please write me directly.

Thank you!


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Test Landing Page

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Sparks: Coming Soon

Around the Fire

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