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Best Insurance for Natural Disasters

by Christine Staub, Sacred Fire Greensboro

Record-breaking storms, floods, fires and earthquakes have been much in the news lately – no corner of the world is immune to such natural disasters. For those most seriously affected, the impact is devastating. The comfort and refuge of “home” and of a particular way of life is often completely stripped away. What is the best insurance policy to cover this kind of tragedy?

The answer may be surprising. It does not have the name of a major insurance company. Money in the bank is helpful but does not cover the extreme, unaccustomed emotional turmoil. When fresh water, food supply, transportation and communication channels are down, victims may have to evacuate homes and neighborhoods for unspecified periods of time. Government and aid organizations may be slow to bring in help.

So what is the best insurance policy for natural disasters?

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A Harvest of Blessings!

On December 3rd, Sacred Fire Community Board Chair David Wiley joined representatives from our sister organizations (Blue Deer Center and Sacred Fire Foundation) and the Huichol and Nahua medicine groups in Tepoztlán for the annual Prosperity Ritual harvest. And we had a bumper crop! Given to us by Fire, the Prosperity Ritual is to ensure that our work of bringing connection, healing, and community has the resources required to meet the great need out in the world.

And we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the abundance of support we received in 2017. Happy holidays!

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Raven welcomed by Sacred Fire Olympia, WA

Guardian spirit, magical provider, trickster-teacher, provoker of change. The spirit of Raven now lives in the Olympia (Washington, USA) Sacred Fire House. In 2016, fire keepers Sharon and Peter Brown were given Guidance to install a raven totem pole to benefit those who gather around their hearth. Saanich carver Doug Horne from Tsawout First Nations north of Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) created Raven from red cedar, and in mid-November 50 people gathered in 40-degree weather for an eight-hour feast, ceremony, and potlatch to entice his spirit to stay.

The celebration, protocols, and displays of abundance and generosity appealed to Raven, whose expression visibly changed throughout the event. Raven’s residence offers wisdom and protection to the Olympia community, and we’re deeply appreciative of his presence here.

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Mesa Life Project: Road to Fruition

Community members of the Mesa Life Project located near Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, are delighted to announce the recent completion of an entrance road to the Mesa Life property. As with every step of bringing this dream to fruition—in this case moving past the roadblock of getting necessary easements and permits—focus on heart-centered relationship has brought the desired result.

Starting in early 2018, look for invitations to help “raise the barn,” which will allow participants to learn about sustainable building techniques and experience the nourishing, regenerative, and connective magic of this “village of the future.”

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Sparks: Coming Soon

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