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Sacred Fire: Building a Better Future

In “Why Fire Makes us Human,” Jerry Adler’s story for Smithsonian Magazine, he writes, “Wherever humans have gone in the world, they have carried with them two things: language and fire.”

Though we’re more “connected” now than ever before because of social media, so many feel alone, isolated and disconnected. For thousands of years, gathering around a fire was the original social media. Stories were shared, memories recalled and celebrations held. Coming together around the fire is a way for us to reconnect to ourselves, our community and our ancestors. It is a way for us to see our place in the Universe and find our way home.

Sacred Fire provides thousands of experiences of fire and community around the globe; this is how they are building a better future for people everywhere. (Photo credit: Jane Feldman)

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I Started to See the World Differently

I started going to fires in 2000 in Santa Barbara, on the beach. At the time I was an atheist, although I had been meditating for a few years. I remember feeling genuine connection at the fire. The way in which people spoke authentically from their hearts was very touching.

I realized this is what I had been craving and searching for for a long time. I kept going to the fires and would feel the love and connection. People would talk about “Grandfather Fire,” and over time I started to see the world differently.

I started to acknowledge that there probably is a higher power. I also started to see the commonality of the many spiritual paths that people follow, with their focus on compassion and forgiveness, on helping other people and on doing good. Fires have transformed my life. I’ve now been a Sacred Fire Firekeeper since 2005 and have seen many others touched in a similar way.

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Mission Critical: Return Fire to the People

How big a flame will it take? Sacred Fire, now in its twentieth year, is burning away the isolation of modern life with the connective and transformative gift of Fire.

What does that look like? How is that possible? Where does one start? While the task may seem daunting, we hope the following stories—offered by those familiar with the work of Sacred Fire—will inspire you and let you see why we feel our mission is worth staying the course for.

Having felt the powerful effect of Fire in our own lives, we naturally want to spread that opportunity to many, many others.

Daunting? Perhaps. Yet deep inside each of us at Sacred Fire, we believe that a small flame, carefully tended, can burst into something big and bright, revealing what has been forgotten, burning away what no longer serves, warming hearts and spirits, and bringing our human family once more into right relationship with ourselves, with each other and with all Life. Will you join us? We invite you to live into your own story of discovery and renewal!

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Fear Transformed: The Benefits of Fire

I walked away from my first Sacred Fire community fire mesmerized. That night, I slept so deeply. I’ve actually had a fear of fire all my life; I even took a course in how to put fires out! But when I came to this consecrated Fire, I remember staring at the flames and thinking, “Even if I fell in right now, it would not hurt me. It is here for us, hearing us, allowing us to be heard. It’s medicinal. It’s beautiful.”

Since that first time, I try not to miss the monthly fires, even when I’m exhausted. To go means that I know that there will be relief for me. There will be brotherhood and sisterhood, openness and acceptance, and that is something that I want. I want to feel all the things that Fire allows to happen in that space, all guards to be down, to be there in my spirit. This is a very powerful medicine that I need in my life.

Just like yoga and meditation are part of my daily practice, I recognize these community fires as part of my monthly practice. Even when I do a hundred things in my day, I commit to this.

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Fire Stories: Community Fires

Read these stories from participants at Sacred Fire Community Fires. Sacred Fire: Building a Better Future In “Why Fire Makes us Human,” Jerry Adler’s story for Smithsonian Magazine, he writes, “Wherever...

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Sparks: Coming Soon

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