Event Type: Ignite Your Heart: A Community Celebration with Grandfather Fire

2019 Sacred Fire is warming up: Come join us!

Mark your calendars, extend invitations to family and friends, make your travel plans! Fire Speaks and Light up Your Heart events are coming to Santa Monica and Mt. Tamalpais (CA, USA) in March, Asheville (NC, USA) in May and County Galway (Ireland) in June. In addition, Sacred Fire is hosting a Lifecycle Living exploration in Alice Springs (Australia) and a Ukalai Gathering for Women at the Blue Deer Center (NY, USA), both in March. Two more opportunities for Ukilái Annual Gathering of Men are also on the horizon: in Scotland in April and Utah in May. Do you feel called? We hope you will join us.

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Ignite Your Heart in Dartmoor, England

It gives us great pleasure to announce that registration is now open for Ignite Your Heart: A Community Celebration with Grandfather Fire, to be held June 15-17, 2018 in Dartmoor, United Kingdom. The entertainment will be lively, feasts will be laid out for young and old, and the energy of heart-centered community will be in the air. All this will serve as the perfect warm-up for our special guest, Grandfather Fire, who will join us to share much-needed wisdom for our modern times.

Dartmoor is situated in the southwest of England, right in the very heart of Devon. The ancient landscape boasts stunning views, awe-inspiring granite tors, deep wooded valleys with fast-flowing rivers, and rugged, wide-open spaces.

Registration is now open. We hope you will join us, and also spread the word about this unique and transformative event.

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Sparks: Coming Soon

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