Event Type: Awakening to the Cycles of Life

Life Cycle Living: Have you jumped in yet?

Life Cycle Living programs offer insight, self-inquiry and group dialogue about the importance of community in helping its members move through the distinct stages of human life, from birth to death. Facilitated by Sacred Fire Lifeways providers, participation in these explorations is setting the stage for future initiatives to spread the gift of Fire through the example of healthy, heart-centered communities.

You are invited to participate in a Life Cycle Living program close to you. See the event listing below to find a Life Cycle Living near you, and note the recent addition of an opportunity coming to Chapel Hill, NC (USA.)

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A Circle Within a Circle: Human Life and Community

During my recent experience of Sacred Fire’s Life Cycle Living program, ably facilitated by Prema Sheerin and Lisa Lichtig, I was introduced to the natural flow of human life through eight important stages. It was compelling to see how each stage organically feeds into the next, and how each has its particular work, gifts, and associated emotions. It felt good to begin to understand these stages and to see with fresh eyes how I may have moved or failed to move naturally through each of them. I saw the possibility of revisiting each stage, fully grieving opportunities that had been missed, honoring the lessons that had been learned, and claiming healing forward movement. In particular, I saw the beauty of looking at life as a circle rather than as a line, recognizing how elders are meant to contribute their earned wisdom to the youngest members of a community.

All of us present expressed our ideas and feelings and there was room for it all: excitement, grief and hope. Most of all, we came away with a knowing that we cannot do this alone. It is the connecting warmth of the fire, the community of people and the divine natural world that will gracefully carry us through these beautiful cycles of life.

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Maturing Gracefully and with Meaning

As I witness my own mother aging, my heart longs for something that our modern culture doesn’t seem to offer: a clear way to mature gracefully, mature with meaning, and come of age in different stages of life with support of community.

I find myself wondering a few things:

  • Who will take care of me when I’m a senior (and will they like it)?
  • What is my role in this stage of my life in relation to the old and the young around me (and to my family and community, in general)?
  • What qualities of eldership have been traditionally valued by community, and how can I become someone who cultivates those qualities as I age?

These questions about the stages of life are the focus of Life Cycle Living.

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Sparks: Coming Soon

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