Sacred Emergence: Initiation into Adulthood for Young Women
Location TBD
July 26 - August 2, 2020

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Sacred Emergence: Initiation into Adulthood for Young Women

Application deadline: February 15, 2020.

Sacred Emergence provides a doorway for young women to become adult women with a mature orientation to their soul-discovery, their authentic service to others, and a connection to the natural web and flow of life.

There is a natural stage in a young woman’s life when she begins to prepare for the deeper growth that leads to adulthood. This usually happens around the ages of 16–25. Subtle or obvious, she may have the compelling urge to leave home, adventure out into the world and begin her search for deeper meaning and purpose. Looking within, she feels called to discover her gifts and the greater purpose of her life.

At this time in life we naturally—consciously or unconsciously—have an impulse to seek an initiatory experience, a fundamental shift in how we see our lives, ourselves, and our world. What we seek may be difficult to define and it may take us into realms that are dangerous and even life-threatening, or at the least, outside the values and life experience we have experienced up to now. As a result, we can get stuck in adolescence rather than understand and integrate our passage into adulthood.

Sacred Emergence is a way to honor the natural ‘impulse of life’ in a conscious and sacred way in our contemporary society.


Pricing and program details are outlined in the application packet.


We are now accepting applications for Sacred Emergence 2020. You can download an application here. To be considered as a candidate in 2020, we must receive your completed application packet by February 15, 2020.

If you would like to support Sacred Emergence through staffing the ritual, please contact the Women’s Initiation Council directly.


The schedule will be revealed to candidates as needed.

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For more information, contact Women's Initiation Council at


  • Deanna Jenné is a Sacred Fire Community Firekeeper, an initiated as a mara’akame in the tradition of the Huichol people of Western Mexico, and a Weather Worker in the tradition of the Nahua people of the central Mexican highlands. She is a member of the Sacred Fire Women’s Initiation Council and a founding member of the Mesa Life Project, a community of those who seek a way of life rooted in ancestral tradition and in balance with nature.

    For more information on Deanna, visit her website, Growing Corn.

  • Jessica De la O is a ritual leader and member of the Lifeways Women’s Initiation Council, which oversees Sacred Emergence: An Initiation into Womanhood for young adult women. She is also a Plant Spirit Medicine healer, a Sacred Fire Community Firekeeper, and has served as a mentor in the Sacred Fire Community Mentoring program. Jessica’s community offerings weave initiation, mentoring, and healing into the lives of young people to support their life-long learning path.

  • A devoted and heartful holistic family doctor, midwife, mother and healer for over 20 years, Lisa Lichtig further serves her greater community as a traditional healer and ceremonial leader. After a long apprenticeship under the guidance of tsaurririkate Eliot Cowan and don Jose Sandoval, Lisa was initiated as a mara’akame of the Huichol healing tradition in 2014. She specializes in helping people feel optimally well and healthy, heal from illness, reconnect with the joy and mystery of life, and find balance in life’s natural cycles. Lisa does this through offering functional medicine, heart-of-birth and parenting consultations, and traditional Huichol healing. Lisa also serves her community as a Firekeeper, supporting her community’s connection to heart through holding monthly community fires, women’s fires, and specialty fires.  Finally, Lisa serves on the Sacred Fire Community’s Neikame Birthing Council and the Women’s Initiation Council, which offers adolescent girls a formal process to help them transition into adult women. She lives on a beautiful knoll in North Carolina with her husband, Patrick and carries the scent of fire wherever she roams.