On the Role of Staff for Women’s Initiation

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I’m quite certain that some of my cells changed shape that first week on staff at Sacred Emergence, the young women’s initiation offered through Sacred Fire. I got a glimpse of what I think “right relationship” might actually feel like, on a cultural level.

The Elder Council oversaw everything. The staff performed their roles fluidly, never knowing what would be asked of them from one day to the next. There was a distinct sense that the forces of the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine were in deep play with one another, all in support of this ancient, sacred task of helping a group of young women through initiation into adulthood.

Over the course of my time on staff, I experienced my own personal gifts becoming distinctly activated, continually receiving gentle nudges to step into my own path in a deeper way. I don’t say lightly that this week in the desert, in service to this work, changed me. I still refer to that time of profound connection for the guidance I received. The deep respect for the spirit of the land, the impeccability of the staff and the wisdom of the elders, all of it was like stepping out of time into an ancient “rightness.” I am forever grateful to have experienced the deep integrity of this magic.

— Wendy Kaas
Boulder, CO (USA)
February 25, 2019