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I have been attending the Church Stretton Sacred Fire community fires for about 7 months. I love our Firekeepers, Lucy Wells and Michael Locke. The gatherings are so important for community. Each one is very different due to different combinations of people sharing their thoughts and stories. I’m fascinated by what arises within myself when I open to new ways of seeing.

The conversation around the fire has massively helped my confidence through contributing and being heard within a caring and compassionate circle. Everyone is treated equally and there’s no pressure. If I’m feeling quiet, I can also just enjoy listening.

The changing seasons and weather also create a different energy for each community fire. Whatever the elements throw at us, people still turn up. I love that we make that effort to go out on a stormy wild night and sit around a fire. It’s so…refreshing! The hot chocolate is also fab!

There are always friends of friends whose lives overlap and interconnect and I notice many fascinating coincidences. When I leave the fire I always feel a sense of optimism and a glow that can last for days, so I will only miss a fire if I’m away or have another commitment.

— Jenny Scott
Church Stretton, Shropshire, UK
April 13, 2019