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It is a great honor to serve as the Guardian Team Leader for Sacred Emergence: Initiation into Adulthood for Young Women. To serve as a guardian of women while they do their work involves physical labor and being a protector of the ritual space.

I’ve had the privilege to support at least seven such initiation experiences and always come away amazed by the strength, inner beauty, power and creativity initiated women express at their Fiesta, which is when we, the guardians and community, meet them for the first time. Perhaps more than any other role I’m called to in my community, serving on the Sacred Emergence staff provides me the satisfaction of experiencing the masculine in service to the feminine. I can’t think of any other situation where this is played out so clearly, and I’m sure this is a major part of what keeps bringing me and others back to offer our time and resources. Those experiences stay with me.

— Gary Weidner
Mesa, CO (USA)
February 25, 2019