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When I attended Ukalái, Sacred Fire’s Annual Gathering of Women, I found it a safe place to be vulnerable, to let things come up. Over the previous years, sparked by a particular renewed friendship with a woman I’d known in youth, I had slowly been opening up to the idea of community, accepting the possibility that I didn’t have to live my life as a loner and could be part of a supportive circle.

At Ukalái, a big revelation to me was how universal feminine trauma actually is. I also realized how far I’d already come in my personal healing over six decades of life.

The facilitators Sherry Boatright and Annie King held a safe and beautiful container. And the setting at the Blue Deer Center, a sacred place I had already come to love, helped contain our work as well.

Since my Ukalái experience, I find that I am much more tolerant and less judgmental of myself and others in my life. I have an increased appreciation of myself as a woman, and of that innate feminine aspect in me that has the capacity to create life, to keep the warm safe place of womb and hearth and home, literally and figuratively.

It’s an experience I highly recommend to all women.

— Anne Freels
Knoxville, TN, (USA)
March 10, 2020