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Soon after relocating to Asheville last year, through what could only be defined as a series of serendipitous events, I discovered the Sacred Fire Community.

I return each month to the community fires because these people are truly interested in authentic connection; to each other, the divine, the natural world, as well as to timeless ancient wisdom. Sitting around the warmth of fire regularly has been transforming, healing, and grounding as I build a new life.

The simple acts of making offerings to the fire, expressing my gratitude, and listening to others share their joys and struggles, has opened my heart to a new level of connection. Sharing time around the fire with a conscious-minded tribe has satiated my hunger for belonging in a way that nothing else has. With more fire in my heart, I now have more joy in my life.

— Sally Casper
Asheville, NC (USA)
April 12, 2019