A personal reflection of attending Women's Fires in Asheville, NC.

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My husband and I sailed for 10 years, and while it was wonderful to be out there on the ocean, it was kind of a man’s world. I found I needed women in my life, and that is actually why we moved off the water, landing in Asheville, NC.

Eventually, I found my way to the Women’s Fires held through the Sacred Fire Asheville. While I’ve done sweat lodges with women and am also part of a women’s group that meets monthly by phone, there is something different about circling up in the presence of a consecrated Fire. It has been a blessing, more than I even asked for. I feel seen, and it has shifted me in a very beautiful way. I’ve been interested in how to connect to the elements of nature. This education I am getting about Fire is phenomenal, and I am able to take that into all aspects of my life.

I also have deep gratitude for our facilitators, for their dedication in offering these Women’s Fires. In Firekeeper Lisa Lichtig’s case, I know that she and her husband, Patrick Hanaway, have each also made a lifetime commitment to hold space for monthly community fires and other community supporting activities.


— Eileen Gertz
Asheville, NC (USA) Sacred Fire community member
July 31, 2018