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I’ve been attending Sacred Fire community fires for 12 years. What keeps me coming back is the sense of community and the power of transformation that the consecrated fire brings me which supports me in my life. Most precious to me is that, on a fundamental level, those who gather around the fire in this community share key values and awareness of the importance of living our lives in relationship with the Place – the beings of Nature and the elements –where we live.

From the start, I was impressed and relieved with the freedom and ease inherent in the non-dogmatic structure. I continue to show up because sometimes there is profound heart sharing (others or my own) which deepens my own heart-connection, my connection with others and with the entity of Fire. I appreciate the invitation and guidance to share from the heart instead of the head. This can be challenging, but is growth-producing. During and after the fires, I notice and like the sense that something is happening that is much bigger than I even know, and that I am part of this. What happens at and because of the fires is beyond comprehension: comforting and empowering, both.

— Robin Rainbow Gate
Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico
April 18, 2019