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When it comes right down to it, all I really want is to be heard, loved, and emotionally supported. Participating in Sacred Fire community fires gives me that opportunity. Once per month, we gather. We come from a variety of lifestyles and bring diverse experiences to the Fire. Each of us has the opportunity to pour our troubles onto the flames and watch as Grandfather Fire burns them away. The fire is there for ME: I speak with Grandfather inwardly, and unload whatever is “up” for me at that time. I get quiet, I listen, and am nourished and refreshed. Nature also “speaks” during each gathering; through the songs of frogs, wind and owls, I hear her educate me. This too is nourishment. Then, the moon makes her appearance and blesses the evening. I have attended the fires for a few years now, and find great benefit in each experience. If you just want some time for you…time away from technology to remember your true nature, in Nature…come to a Fire!

— Alice Beloved
Grass Valley, CA (USA)
April 12, 2019