Jennifer Weise (Colorado, USA) is the former Finance Manager for the Sacred Fire Community. Here is what she has to say about her experience serving in that role:

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“I’ve been volunteering for Sacred Fire for the last nine years, often hanging on by the skin of my teeth, but never giving up even though there has been, practically speaking, “no time for it” between paid work, my mother’s Alzheimer’s care, and being a mother myself. Yet I could never quite give it up, because I believe so strongly that I want my child to grow up in a world where the wisdom of Fire is heard and plays a part in the way we live our lives. And interestingly, I actually feel as if I have been “paid” for my “sacrifice” these many years. I have gained so much that could never be measured in time or money, and that even words may not capture. I could, though, point to two Sacred Fire organization staff business meetings I attended, each bookending my years as finance manager. At my first business meeting nine years ago, I was 12 weeks pregnant with my first and only child, and being at the meeting significantly changed, supported, and affected the beautiful and empowering labor/birth experience I subsequently had. Fast forward to the August 2018 business meeting. I found out literally in the van as I was leaving to return home from those meetings that my mother had died unexpectedly of a heart attack that morning. I could not have been better primed to receive and handle that difficult news than after spending the weekend with the good folks of the Sacred Fire and the blessing of a Fire Speaks event the night before. I will be sad to move away from my role in this organization, and I can also see how life continues to call me forward in new and exciting ways, making room for new volunteers to step into my role here.”

Sacred Fire is embarking on “A Great Endeavor” to help bring balance and healing to our world through the medicine of Fire. Many hands and hearts make for joyful (if not always easy) work. Are you interested? If so, contact our Executive Director, Lawrence Messerman.


— Jennifer Weise
October 17, 2018