The international Sacred Fire Community is hosting eight Life Cycle Living workshops on three continents in 2018. Here is what Adam Laufer, a community member in Asheville NC (USA), who builds tree houses for a living, had to say about his experience with this event that engages participants in a conversation about the natural rhythms of a human life.

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When I go about my day, I’m mostly dealing with concerns about my work: how to plan my work and schedule and whether or not I will be able to take care of this or that detail.

When I go through normal western life choices and then step into something like Life Cycle Living, it is so obvious that my mind and my concerns pull me far away from the simplicity of life, that kind of aware and present life that, at some point or another, our ancestors lived. Life Cycle Living made it very clear how simple and satisfying life can be. Not that any of my questions were answered specifically; however, sometimes knowing the right question to ask is more important than having the answer.

— Adam Laufer
Asheville, North Carolina
April 4, 2018