Sacred Fire women's fires are facilitated by specially trained women, and held within the container of a consecrated fire. Here is one attendee's experience:

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A close friend introduced me to the Sacred Fire Santa Monica, CA (USA) community fires, which are held monthly. After my first visit, the Firekeeper announced an upcoming women’s fire. At first, I didn’t think that I would need to sit around a fire with a bunch of women, as I was perfectly satisfied with the community fire, and so I thought nothing more about it. One evening, however, I was invited by a friend to accompany her to the women’s fire. She was aware of personal trials I was experiencing and suggested I might attend to gain some much-needed strength.

Although I had been to several community fires with the same ladies, the women’s fire experience was definitely different. There was a magical sense of caring and inclusion that was so strong it filled me with pure energy. I felt emotion; not emotional to the point of crying, but if I had cried, I knew it would be okay to do so. It was more that I felt very aware of our sisterhood, and that we were all there for a soulful purpose, not only to be reenergized and renewed through the consecrated Fire, but through each other. This experience was life-changing. Even if the women present that night might be unaware how much their gift of stories and presence impacted and strengthened me as a woman, I have formed a special bond with each of them.

I will forever make the women’s fire part of my personal soul-cleansing, self-nourishing practice. During the community fires, I find that sharing may be tailored by women because of the presence of men. Yet among themselves, women feel understood by each other and can more openly discuss private matters and intimate feelings. I can see the difference in how we share and feel more open, unhindered and unleashed. That freedom is what makes the women’s fires so special. I now realize that I can have healthy, fun and growing relationships with other women, and that the particular setting of Sacred Fire women’s fires is ideal for this.

— Tamara Meagan
Santa Monica, CA, USA
December 14, 2018