A first-time Fire Speaks attendee shares his experience.

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It was a multilayered experience for me. The first layer that I really was attracted to, that I have taken with me since, is how the whole gathering was structured, including the story-telling and the joke telling. The focus on laughter, in particular, really helped to bring everyone together, to help us feel like family. The second step–drumming, singing and chanting–was extremely powerful and really helped build the energy. If you’d seen me, I was “gone”; Spirit was really playing with my body. With just that, if it had ended there, I would have been really happy with the experience.

During the audience with Grandfather Fire, I got to ask a question close to my heart. The response was so clear and confirming that it gave me permission to more deeply explore an idea I had been sitting with, and within the week it catalyzed a lot for me. I developed and have since taught a self-development curriculum that meets people where they are at and has proven practical and inspiring.

I would definitely take advantage of another dose of community, laughter and wisdom in this way.


— Brandon Bozarth
San Diego, CA (USA)
November 13, 2019