A veteran Sacred Fire Firekeeper talks about what inspired him to deepen his relationship with Fire and ultimately take on the life-long commitment of being a Firekeeper for his community.

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I started going to fires in 2000 in Santa Barbara, on the beach. At the time I was an atheist, although I had been meditating for a few years. I remember feeling genuine connection at the fire. The way in which people spoke authentically from their hearts was very touching.

I realized this is what I had been craving and searching for for a long time. I kept going to the fires and would feel the love and connection. People would talk about “Grandfather Fire,” and over time I started to see the world differently.

I started to acknowledge that there probably is a higher power. I also started to see the commonality of the many spiritual paths that people follow, with their focus on compassion and forgiveness, on helping other people and on doing good. Fires have transformed my life. I’ve now been a Sacred Fire Firekeeper since 2005 and have seen many others touched in a similar way.

— John Huang
Firekeeper, Long Beach, CA (USA)
January 9, 2020