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Last year a customer came into the health food shop where I work and gave me a gift: she told me about our local Sacred Fire community fires. I have tried to go to every fire since. I am extremely lucky as I have two fires near me, each with Firekeepers I have come to think of as friends. They welcome all who attend. Going to a fire helps me to reconnect with what is important in life, with earth and Fire. I get to see the world from a different perspective; I never used to sit outside in the middle of winter wrapped in blankets! I get to listen to beautiful souls who have come from near and far, talking from the heart, safe in the knowledge there will be no judgment, no interruptions. I have grown so much since listening to the wisdom shared around the fires and found comfort in the stories of others. I have even felt safe enough to sing!

Love and gratitude to the Firekeepers, all those who attend the fires, and most importantly, to Fire.

— Debbie Gough
Church Stretton, Shropshire, UK
April 12, 2019