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“Who am I?” I have meditated on this question for decades.  I fell in love with a book by Ramana Maharshi in my early 20’s. What followed wasn’t a mental exercise, rather an opening to an experience of something greater, strangely mysterious and yet not.

Now in my later life, I have discovered that there is something exquisite, fulfilling and satisfying in opening to the related question, “Who am I as a woman?” that has me falling in love with the beauty of this life.  Furthermore, there is something essential in gathering with other women to deeply experience this great Divine Feminine that enlivens us and moves through us, aligning us with ourselves and the Mystery of the world around us.

More than ever, I believe our world needs us to embody this deep essence and bring it forth in our lives.  We need to gather with other women to sink into and align with each other and to cherish who we are.  Come join us.  It is important.  Our world needs us to bring this forth.  It’s time, and immensely relevant to the times we are living.

— Annie King
Florence, SC (USA)
January 15, 2019