2012: the turning of the tide:  The Sacred Fire Community has a new mission.

For the first time, we’re reaching our message out into the world. The Stand has touched hundreds of new people with the warmth of sacred fire. Our community enjoyed a new type of unity with our recent international webinar. Our website and print expressions are beginning to express the bold identity of fire to all who see them. We’re planning larger, better events to introduce hundreds more to the Sacred Fire experience.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Sacred Fire Community Speaking and Communications Departments.

Our task: to share the voice of fire, Heart and the interconnected nature of all life with the world.

Our approach: humor, outrageousness, sacredness, transformation, connection.

If any of these openings in the Communications and Speaking Departments calls to you, or if you want to know more, please contact SkyFox in our Firework department.

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The Sacred Fire Community needs YOU as our…

> Webmaster
Do you have experience in WordPress website maintenance and management? Are you responsible and available? Our Webmaster will ensure that the Sacred Fire Community’s website and electronic communications systems remain online and stably functioning. POSITION FILLED – THANK YOU, TRACY PEARSON!

> HotNews Editor:

Work with the Speaker and HotNews Content Manager to plan, organize, guide, manage writers, interview and write articles for monthly HotNews e-newsletter. This is one of the most exciting and impactful ways to speak our essence to the world.

> Project Administrator:

Are you organized and good at multitasking and problem-solving? Do you love being in the know on exciting projects before they come to fruition? Are you generally available most days? The Project Administrator will coordinate the team’s involvement in many projects, running meetings, and keeping us all in line.

> Production Coordinator, Web
Are you familiar with WordPress or other web CMS systems? Do you have basic HTML layout knowledge? Our Production Coordinator for Web will work alongside the web manager and print production coordinator to provide graphic support specifically for web and online applications. Training and guidance will be given where necessary based on experience.

> Production Coordinator, Print:

Are you proficient in the use of Adobe Creative Suite? Are you good at keeping track of details and multiple projects? Are you accurate when you’re updating items on the computer? Our Production Coordinator for Print will be responsible for the supply of artwork and graphic resources in support of the Speaking and Communications Departments. The role will involve working with existing designs to make minor edits, providing artwork in appropriate formats for print and email distribution and maintaining file archives. Training and guidance will be given where necessary based on experience and the role is a gateway to more creative involvement in Sacred Fire Community Speaking.

> Copywriters: 

Do you love inspiring people about fire and what it’s done for you and for others? Do you love to write? Our team of copywriters will write articles and text for our projects.

> Public Relations Coordinator: 

Do you have experience with composing press releases? Do you enjoy forming relationships with media and sharing ideas on how to get the word out on the work of fire in the world? Our Public Relations Coordinator will plan, administer and implement great ways to get the word out.

> Copyeditor/Proofreader: 

Do you have an eagle eye for typos? Are you good at noticing missing information and checking up on facts when needed? Our copyeditor/proofreader will check over HotNews articles, web posts and other communications to ensure that we’re more perfect than we actually are.

> Team Tonalli member:
Are you inspired by fire and inspired to tell the world? A great place to start is Team Tonalli. Team members will work together to spread fire across Facebook, social media, and the web, to create alliances with like-hearted groups and organizations and to get the word out about sacred fire to the masses.

> Photography Administrator:
Do you love photography and images? Do you enjoy choosing the right images for articles and flyers and editing photos to make them more beautiful? The Photography Administrator will solicit images from our community, choosing the best, organizing them so they’re easy to pull up right when we need them, and editing the ones chosen for our fiery projects.

> Photography Archivist:
Do you love images and love to organize them? You’ll keep us on track with the hundreds of photos of community over the years.

> Photographers:

Are you a pro photographer, or do you take photos as a hobby and want to get your work out there? As a member of our Photography Team, you’ll be available for events and special projects in your area and take beautiful photographs for us.

> Archivist:

Are you keen on organizing and keeping track? Our Archivist will organize and archive graphic project files, articles, videos, audio files and will work with the Photography Administrator to ensure that our image files are all in order. POSITION FILLED – WELCOME, MELODY PETTUS!

> Multimedia Team Leader:
Do you spend hours on YouTube? Do you love video and audio for the ways they connect people to what matters? Do you have creative ideas and enjoy collaboration? Our Multimedia Team Leader will initiate and implement video, teleconference and audio projects with their team.

> Videographers:

Are you a pro, or do you shoot video as a hobby and want to get better at it? As a member of our team of videographers, you will spend around 100 hours per year creatively crafting video projects, shooting and editing to spread the message of sacred fire.

If any of these openings in the Communications and Speaking Departments calls to you, or if you want to know more, please contact SkyFox in our Firework department.

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Our dynamic team so far:


Jeff Bartlett, Executive Director in charge of the Communications and Speaking Departments
Brynberian, Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom


Erin Everett


Erin Everett, Speaker and Head of the Speaking Department
Asheville, North Carolina, USA



Madeline Merritt, Social Media Coordinator
Los Angeles, California, USA



Robin Lockwood, HotNews Content Manager
Liepers Fork, Tennessee, USA


Phil Roberts


Phil Roberts, HotNews Production Coordinator
Beaconsfield, Perth, Western Australia




You, every time you speak about the sacredness of life and the warmth of Fire in the world.


Do you have comments or issues about how we speak about the Sacred Fire Community on our website or in our materials? Visit Pulse and share your perspective.