Some have called it the Shift, and some the Great Shaking.

Some have expressed it through the Occupy Wall Street movement or through taking the Stand. People have quit their corporate jobs to work for causes with little pay but huge benefit for the world. Citizens of countries worldwide have stood up to their governments, speaking their hearts to power at great risk. Our weather is communicating through storms and wildfires, and Mother Earth is speaking through earthquakes. The Revolution of Heart is changing our world.

Right now, people everywhere are taking action to shift our culture’s consciousness from fear to love. Grassroots movements are demonstrating the necessity of moving our collective focus away from mind and materialism and toward heart and collaboration. The Sacred Fire Community is one of these groups.

Our cultural priorities need to shift from profits to relationships. Many groups and individuals are already working toward this end. What will happen when we all unite?

Are you a part of the Revolution of Heart? Check out the website, sign up for more information, and share it with your friends. Post videos that show this movement in our world, or join the discussion on the Revolution’s Facebook page.

A revolution needs many voices, many hands, many hearts. Volunteers to help find and connect with like-hearted organizations, to organize and plan, to add content to the website and Facebook page, and to spread the revolution like wildfire. Contact SkyFox to become a Heart Revolutionary in either a small or large way. We can’t do it without you!

Take the Stand with the Sacred Fire Community.

How does the Sacred Fire Community demonstrate the Revolution of Heart? The first step to finding out is…come to the fire.