sacred fire council house asheville ncLocated just north of Asheville, North Carolina, USA, the Asheville hamlet has been hosting monthly fires for 17 years now, has hosted approximately 10 Fire Speaks events, and is the oldest consecrated hearth operating in the international Sacred Fire Community. Sitting 20 minutes north of Asheville proper, the Sacred Fire Council House is surrounded by 35 acres of pastoral land and forest along the Ivy River with breathtaking views and trails down to the River, cared for by local resident Firekeepers (medical doctors and tradition-holders Patrick Hanaway and Lisa Lichtig).

Come join us for Fire Speaks on Saturday, July 21st, 2018, at this place of beauty where the medicine of the wind, sky, earth and sun are ever present. The Sacred Fire Council House is home to four marakate (healers in the Huichol tradition of Mexico) and hosts yearly Harvest Festivals by a group of Asheville-based quiatzlques (weather workers) in the Nahua tradition of Mexico, as well as being a place for people to gather who are of any tradition or no tradition.

In addition to special events like Fire Speaks, Sacred Fire Asheville hosts monthly free community fires, women’s fires and men’s fires. The land and the Sacred Fire Council House have grown through years of experience to become a place that beckons the people of the western North Carolina area and beyond to heartfelt gatherings like these. Click here to join the Sacred Fire Asheville Facebook Group and/or join the Asheville email list.

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We love Asheville events and appreciate the local volunteers from this hamlet who devote their time and love to create such wonderful opportunities for us all to be with the Sacred Fire.  We hope you’ll join us there!

Camping is available for our Asheville Fire Speaks events; details will be provided upon registration. Contact if you have further questions or requests.

Community Helps Each Other

Through community, we learn that each of us comes with our arms filled with something to offer, as well as open to receive.

With the pricing for most of our Sacred Fire Asheville events that have a cost, there is an opportunity to donate more than the event cost to help youth and seniors or people in need. Please consider donating to support your community!

Firekeepers Sacred Fire Asheville Community

Firekeepers Patrick Hanaway and Lisa Lichtig


sacred fire council house asheville

The Sacred Fire Council House, just north of Asheville NC


children sacred fire community asheville

Fire Speaks is a kid-friendly event!