Before I found the Sacred Fire Community, I felt lost.

Like there was a vital piece of my soul that was missing. I knew that there was better — there had to be — but I had no way to access it and few people I could speak with about my deep longing. And, in most cases, those people had the same longing and uncertainty that I did.

How do you even begin to bridge the chasm in your heart? I tried to fill it with drugs and alcohol, but that made the situation even worse, as I knew those patches were temporary and often only served to reinforce my desire for another lifestyle. Doesn’t anybody else feel this pain? Doesn’t anybody else yearn for something more real, a lifestyle not infatuated with the fleeting constructs of man, but in love with the everlasting creations of Mother Earth?

Yes they do. What I had been searching for, I found. How to love the world that I live in and still work to better it.  A place where I can express my longing and fear and be met with understanding eyes, rather than blank stares. A community of people that understand my heartache and can help alleviate it. For myself and our world, the Community has been a Godsend.  I now know I’m not only one who wishes for a better world for their sons and daughters. I also know that it’s not just wishes anymore, that — one heart at a time— the Sacred Fire Community is working to transform our world. And for that I am grateful.

Thank you Sacred Fire.

Colin, Asheville, NC, USA

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